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What You’ll See on a Day in LA Tours

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What You’ll See on a Day in LA Tours

The question we probably get the most is: “well, what will we see on your LA tours?” The answer to that question is: “it’s up to you.” At All Day LA, we pride ourselves on making sure that our tours are customizable. You can choose what you want to have in your tour. When you hire us for a tour, it’s truly your tour. So, we can provide you with different options to choose from so that your tour of Hollywood is truly yours. Our tours are great for providing you with the kind of memories that will last for the rest of your life.

Sights to See

Every tour at All Day LA is different. Your tour will be different from someone else’s. However, many of them can include several of the same options. For example, plenty of our tours include the Hollywood Sign. However, our pros know the best area to get a picture of the Hollywood Sign: it’s not the Observatory, it’s not Mulholland Drive, it’s Lake Hollywood Park. We can make sure you’ll get all the pictures you want of what’s very possibly the most famous sign in the world.


Living History

Michael Jackson’s Mansion, the Playboy Mansion, and more – these are locations that are famous the world over. People who’ve never stepped foot in Los Angeles can recognize them by sight. You can experience them on this tour, up close and personal. We even include locations in our tour like the Greystone Mansion, where so many blockbusters have filmed: Batman & Robin, Spider-Man, TMNT and more. Hollywood history is American history, and you can experience it on our tours.

A Tour to Truly See LA

You’ve probably seen ads for tours that take place on enormous buses, that kind of thing. The problem with those tours (well, one of the problems with those tours) is that those buses can’t really go to too many locations. They’re rather cumbersome, and they can’t go to certain residential locations. However, our smaller vehicles can. We show you celebrity’s homes and filming locations, the kinds of things that a strong majority of tours can’t. When you come on our tours, you get to see a side of LA that very few ever do.

You’ve seen it on TV, Now See it In Person

The Mann’s Chinese Theater, Rodeo Drive — countless movies and television shows have you taken you to these locations. But, there’s nothing like seeing it for yourself. Our tours are private, they’re small and intimate. That means that you can make these tours truly yours by getting everything that you want out of them. We schedule them so that everyone can get all of the pictures they want, to see all of the locations that they want. We know that coming to Los Angeles is not the kind of thing that everyone gets to do every day. Your tour is a special occasion, and should be treated as such. You can schedule your tour today by calling (818) 408-4701.