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LA Essential Star Homes Tour

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Adult Ages 12+
Child Ages 11 and under

The Best Local LA Tour Guides

Do you only have a limited time to spend in Los Angeles? Our two-hour Hollywood  Tour whisks you through exclusive neighborhoods in the city, showing you everything you probably want to see and a lot of things you simply can’t find in the guidebooks. This trip showcases everything from moviemaking landmarks and opulent residential neighborhoods to architectural masterworks and historic treasures; it’s the quintessential tour of Los Angeles and we can’t wait to show you around. Enjoy the most authentic Hollywood  sightseeing experience on the market, but if you want something with a touch more exclusive , check out our VIP LA tour! And please get in touch if you have any questions.


What to Bring on this Los Angeles Tour?

This isn’t a very long tour, so the usual advice to bring water and snacks don’t really apply. In our experience as seasoned LA tour guides, the only think people often regret forgetting to bring with them is a camera. So many of the places we visit are about as photogenic as possible, so it’s genuinely important to be able to take one or two snaps at each of the stops along the way. If you like the sound of this tour but you’d like to have the tour guide all to yourself, you may like to consider our Private LA Tour.


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