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A Private Hollywood Tour Guide for a True Hollywood Experience

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Imagine: you’re on a tour of Hollywood. You’ve been planning this trip for a long time, and you’ve been looking forward to this tour for so long. The tour itself is going to fine, (LA is beautiful and filled with history) but there are so many people on the tour. It feels… impersonal. You can’t get pictures of what you want, and it seems like you’re rushed from place to place. When you try to talk to the tour guide, they brush you off. With so many people to deal with, they don’t necessarily have time for you. We hate those kinds of tours. We’ve been on plenty of them in our lives. That’s why we’ve made sure that our tours are the opposite. When you come on our tours, you get a private Hollywood tour guide.

Private Hollywood Tour Guide for Private Hollywood Tour

At All Day LA, our tours have five to seven people. Think about that. Look around where you are right now. Count up to seven people around you. That’s as big as the tour can get. That isn’t exactly a lot of people. It’s about how many can fit in a standard SUV. As we keep the tours small, more people can get exactly what they want out of the tour. With only seven people on the tour, each of them can get individualized attention, being able to enjoy the tour exactly how they want to.


A Tour Guide to Actually Guide You

With only seven people on the tour, the tour guide is able to better respond to the tour. If you have a question, feel free to ask. Even if all of you start talking at once, the tour guide is going to be able to help you as there’s only seven people. You can ask follow up questions and get more info about the different locations that you’ll see. Our tour guides have the time to really talk to you, to give you in-depth answers. We believe that when you pay for a tour of LA, it should truly be your tour, so that you can get everything you want out of it. A major part of that is having a tour guide is truly focused on you.

Knowledgeable Tour Guide

Too many tour guides in LA are just out of work actors, people who answered an ad online, who may have looked up something online about each of the locations before they came on the tour. We don’t hire those people on our tours. At All Day LA, our tour guides are knowledgeable professionals. They know the area, they know the history, and they can tell you what you want to know. Many of them have been in LA for several years, and plenty of them are natives. We believe that a tour guide is someone who should be able to truly guide you through a tour of the city, so we make sure to hire people who are up to the challenge. Schedule a tour today by going to our site or calling (818) 408-4701.