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Where to See the Hollywood Sign According to LA Tour Guides

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Walking up to the Hollywood Sign is not impossible, but it is certainly illegal. However, that is not to say you can’t find the perfect spots to take pictures with it. There are plenty of places to take great pictures of the Hollywood Sign, and our team of LA tour guides will let you in on their industry secrets.


Hollywood Bowl Overlook

This one is a classic, and so much so that you will always find a bus full of tourists in the parking lot. It’s widely known for not only being a great spot to see the Hollywood Sign, but also all of Los Angeles as well. From here you will be able to see the Hollywood Sign, the Hollywood Bowl, all of Hollywood, the Downtown LA skyline, and even Griffith Observatory. It’s very convenient and easy to get to! The Jerome C. Daniel Overlook is right on Mulholland Drive east of Cahuenga Boulevard. As all-encompassing as it might seem, the sights are fairly far, so you won’t get the best look possible.

Deronda Drive

This little known spot in the hills of Hollywood is fairly easy to get to, although it does require some navigation skills. After all, since it’s just a random side street and not an actual location this one place is harder to input into your Google Maps. However, it is rarely crowded. First, you will have to get to Beachwood Drive. You can do so by either taking exit 8C while going north on the 101, or by turning north at the intersection of Beachwood and Franklin at 6051 Franklin Ave.

Once you are heading north on Beachwood Drive (north of the 101), you’ll have to stay on it for a little over a mile. Remember to keep left on Beachwood when Westshire stems off to the right! You’ll eventually have to turn left on Ledgewood Drive (careful, it’s narrow) and follow it until it intersects Rodgerton Drive. What you’ll have to do is slightly go right and almost immediately turn left on Deronda Drive. This street will be very loopy, so watch out. Hollow it until its dead-end by the beginning of Mulholland Highway. Get off your car and enjoy the view!

Lake Hollywood Park

Now, if you are looking for the best possible view of the Hollywood Sign that is also convenient and easy to get to, it doesn’t get any better than Lake Hollywood Park. You can easily route your desired navigational app to direct you to the park, which has plenty of available parking spots. The park itself has a wonderful view of the Hollywood Sign, as well as a playground and plenty of off-leash cute dogs. However, if you want to step the view up, walk up the street to get a perfect up-close glance at the iconic landmark. This will be the perfect spot for your vacation pictures. Trust us.

LA Tour Guides Will Take You to the Hollywood Sign

If you want to be sure to find the best pictures spots of the Hollywood Sign, as well as the rest of Los Angeles, you can always get a team of local LA tour guides that can help you have the day of your life in the city of angels. Browse our website for more information and book your tour today.