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Finding Famous Movie Locations in Los Angeles Sightseeing Tours

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Many people visit Los Angeles in search of the city they have seen in countless movies, and it is completely possible to see such a beautiful town. Here are a few famous movie locations in Los Angeles that you can visit.


La La Land Movie Locations

Damien Chazelle’s 2016 colorful and heartbreaking love story showed audiences the Los Angeles that everyone dreams of, the Los Angeles that is, and the Los Angeles that never was. La La Land, which wowed audiences everywhere with vibrant jazz and the undeniable chemistry between Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling, was shot entirely across the titular city, giving an insider’s look into the city’s forgotten gems.

If you are looking to recreate the iconic tap-dancing sequence, you can hike up to Cathy’s Corner in Griffith Park and find a beautiful view of the San Fernando Valley. The Lighthouse Cafe, where the couple goes to listen to jazz, is a real venue in Hermosa Beach where you can catch a local band playing while getting some drinks. A block away, Ryan Gosling sang to the city of stars in the Hermosa Beach Pier. And, of course, if you are looking to relive the moment the two artists fell in love, you can visit the Griffith Observatory, where you will be able to admire the architecture, enjoy a showing at the planetarium, and gaze upon the whole city of stars itself.

Die Hard Movie Locations

Everyone has seen Die Hard. Almost everyone can quote its many iconic lines from memory and reference its many memorable sequences upon being prompted. So if you are a big fan of the movie and you are driving around west Los Angeles, you might spot a very familiar-looking building. Fox Plaza, fictionalized in the movie as Nakatomi Plaza, is home to many of 20th Century Fox’s LA offices (hence lending it its name) and was almost the sole filming location for the 1988 action classic Die Hard. Located at 2121 Avenue of the Stars in Century City, the Fox Plaza building is nothing short of iconic. And you too can pull up and spiritually join John McClane via a picture in front of the structure.

500 Days of Summer Movie Locations

Ten years ago, audiences fell in love with the quirky chemistry between Zooey Deschanel and Joseph Gordon-Levitt in indie darling 500 Days of Summer. Shot entirely in the city, the movie is a subtle love letter to Los Angeles, showcasing a lot of its more secret spots. If you wish to see some of the places that saw Tom and Summer’s relationship blossom, you can head over to Downtown LA, home of many art-deco architectural marvels and historic city landmarks. Described in the movie as Tom’s favorite spot in the city, the Angels Knoll and the Angel Flight Railway (which you can ride for just fifty cents) offer a couple of intimate spots within the busy city. Also featured in the movie is the Bradbury Building (also seen in Blade Runner), the fountain at Grand Park, and the beautiful Fine Arts Building, all of which you can visit and gawk at the architecture.

Los Angeles Movie Locations

There are many beautiful spots in Los Angeles, and the movie industry has helped to make them a part of the public consciousness in ways that other cities might not have had the chance to. You can learn about these and more famous movie locations in Los Angeles by contacting All Day LA Tours and browsing through our many offerings.