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Escape to Los Angeles with a Golden Ticket LA Tour

Escape to Los Angeles with a Golden Ticket LA Private Tour

At Golden Ticket LA we provide tours that are entirely bespoke to your needs and wants of what to see in the city, and all our tours are private so you will get the tour guides full attention as well as enjoying the tour with your close friends and family. Our ethos is that tours should not be pre-packaged and standardized as this eliminates the soul of the tour and you will sometimes be forced to see attractions or places that you don’t want to in order to see those that you do. We make sure that you get to see exactly what you want to see on your tour with our customizable meaning you will see the city in the most complete and efficient way possible.

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The city of Los Angeles is world-renowned for its cultural impact and iconic landmarks that make the city the unique place it is. You will see lots of the city in movies and tv but this is only a drop in the ocean of the real LA. Hollywood, TinselTown, La-La Land, all nicknames for the city but these all address the cinematic value it holds to the world, but not what makes this city truly great.

Here are some other reasons why you should visit LA

The weather is stunning

The entirety of Southern California experiences incredible weather with the sun shining down on LA’s golden sands  almost all year through. Average high temperatures of 72°F in the summer months, and low averages of 55 in the winter months so it never truly gets cold. It does, however, cool down at night so you can experience the nightlife in comfort unlike a lot of other desert cities that keep their heat at night.

a palm tree in front of a sunset

It’s a cultural melting pot

Los Angeles is home to a swathe of different cultures that all come together to create one incredible diverse city. One of the best parts of this cultural stew, pun intended, is the wide array of cuisines available Filipino, Ethiopian, Hawaiian, Indian, Chinese, Korean? Whatever you want, you can find it in LA. Not only is the food good, but you can immerse yourself and learn about these different cultures at museums, art galleries and more dedicated to these cultures in places like Little Tokyo, Koreatown, Little Ethiopia, and Chinatown etc.

Griffith Observatory, Los Angeles, United States

Outdoor activities & hiking

There are plenty of outdoor activities to do in LA. Famed for its stunning expansive beaches and great surfing conditions. You can choose from loads of great surfing spots like Santa Monica, Manhattan Beach and Venice Beach which are all perfect for surfers of any skill level, but for the more advanced surfers check out Palos Verdes or Malibu.

From the sea to the land, there is a great hiking culture in Los Angeles, and the good thing is you don’t even need to drive out of the city to do it. You can enjoy great walks in Runyon Canyon or Griffith Park (4000 acres of stunning parklands in the middle of the city) both with numerous trails. You can also take a short drive to Malibu State Park, Eaton Canyon or the Angeles National Forest to get lost in some Californian wilderness.

Hollywood Hills, Los Angeles, United States

The art & comedy scene

LA is known for its movie magic accolades, but it also has many other artistic aspects to offer. There are many world-class museums dotted around the city like the Geffen Contemporary, the Getty Centre, the Broad and more which offer the opportunity to go and admire art from well established, and up-and-coming, artists.

The movies might be the main focus, but there is a thriving theater scene in LA with many plays, musicals and more, on show on a nightly basis. The Hollywood Pantages Theater is where you can experience the best of Broadway in LA, or head to the Wallis Annenberg Center for the Performing Arts for a more contemporary or abstract performance.

If you’re looking for a performance of a different kind which will make you laugh your head off, there is a world-class comedy scene in Los Angeles, and we think it’s on par with the likes of New York or Chicago (if not better)! Head on over to the Laugh Factory or the Comedy Store where you will catch the local talent with the chance to catch an established great trying out some of their new material.

The Getty Museum, Los Angeles, United States

Whatever you’re looking for in LA, you can find it here. Get in contact with us and we will build the perfect tour for you and your group, or take a look at the tours we have on our site.

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