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What an LA Tour Guide Shows You in the City of Stars

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If you are looking to travel to Los Angeles, the best way to go at it is to organize your visit by area. LA is a huge city, and to visit it might seem a little intimidating at first. That is why organizing everything you are looking to do by area is the best option. You will probably want to visit Hollywood and Beverly Hills, won’t you? Plus you have surely heard about all there is to do in West Hollywood and everything there is to see in Bel Air. Historic landmarks, filming locations, iconic theaters, celebrity homes, and so many other attractions are waiting for you all across Los Angeles and if you intend to do everything there is to do, you will want to approach it in an organized manner with an LA tour guide.


Visit These Hollywood Landmarks

Hollywood is what everyone comes to Los Angeles for. And not without reason! With the renowned Hollywood Sign as a backdrop, you will get to see the famed Chinese Theater, step onto the footprints of showbusiness legends, find your idol’s star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, and visit the Dolby Theater, home of the Academy Awards every year. The very cradle of entertainment is waiting for you to admire and take pictures with. It’s even better if you can get an up close and personal look at the sign itself. Those are sure to be the best pictures of your trip.

Sightseeing in West Hollywood

West Hollywood has been at the forefront of diversity and exclusivity in Los Angeles for decades, and today it remains an exciting center for fun and nightlife in the city. You will see historic clubs and concert venues that have seen the American debuts of the likes of Elton John and Radiohead. Visit luxurious hotels that serve as hideaways for millionaires and celebrities. If you are looking for a fun wild time while in Los Angeles, West Hollywood is the place for you.

Shopping and Tourism in Beverly Hills

Everyone has heard of Beverly Hills. It is the signpost of luxury and class in the United States. With its prized zip code, the city has become a goal for everyone looking to ever make it. But it’s not just a great place to live. With its lush parks, old buildings, and trendy shopping districts make it a wonderful place to visit as well.

Famous People Home in Bel Air

Right next to Beverly Hills, you will find the highly desired Bel Air. Made famous by the iconic nineties sitcom, Bel Air is the place famous people from across the history of entertainment, from Walt Disney to Beyoncé, have called home. Traversing through its streets you will get to see lavish houses and iconic filming locations that will allow you a glimpse into the rich and famous lifestyle.

Don’t Be Your Own LA Tour Guide

With all there is to do in Los Angeles, you will not want to have to handle everything by yourself. The best way to be able to enjoy it all is to look for your very own VIP LA tour guide who can show you the sights without you having to worry about logistics. All Day LA Tours has the best possible experts at your disposal, so don’t wait much longer and book your tour today.